Wednesday 11 June 2008

Went out to the Point today in the hope of surveying to the south when the mist lifted but it only lifted quite late so we just stuck around and worked the Heaviside's for several hours. They were being particularly frustrating today, diving whenever we got near them, hardly ever coming close to the boat, changing direction and splitting up all the time. On a positive note - there were a few nicely marked ones out there which was gratifying as the first few I'd photographed from the Mola Mola tour boats all had perfectly clean identical fins. The dolphins seem to wake up at about 10am when the tour boats arrive and the sun comes out and a few were leaping about.

Marko on Silverwind spotted a young humpback whale just off the point and after the tour boats left for home we followed it for a while and got a few ID shots for our colleagues working on the species in Angola, Gabon and South Africa.

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