Saturday 1 June 2013

Luderitz wrap up 2013

by Simon Elwen:

Our two month field season in Luderitz draws to a close today.  Our last sea day was an !Anichab survey of the central area on Monday-Wednesday.

A good season all round I think, we had:

24 days (166 hours) on Nanuuq in and around Luderitz Bay doing mainly photo-ID, behavioural and habitat surveys, and covering 852km of survey track.

12 days and 6 nights  (185 hours) on the !Anichab surveying 2800 km of dolphin habitat in and around the Namibian Islands Marine Protected Area (NIMPA).  No data summaries yet, but a good few dolphins, a few whales and lots of penguins. And albatrosses everywhere!

Remarkably few 'weather days' but some productive office time with data entered, proposals written, papers prepared, submitted or reviewed

Tomorrow we get back on the road with the dog and the baby in tow (the students have already left on a shuttle).  1200km of tar road via Windhoek to Walvis Bay - we're coming for you Mr Gray Whale!!