Wednesday 11 June 2008

Tuesday was a fantastically sunny calm day and we took Pedro for a survey most of the way to Swakopmund before hitting mist and turning back to the point. After working with a few evasive Heaviside's, we encountered a great group of bottlenose dolphins which the tour boats had spotted.

The majority of the time, the dolphins were in very close to shore and appeared to be feeding, with lots of chasing up and down the shore line with occasional small fish jumping. The seals were also getting in on the act and there were always a few with or very close to the dolphins chasing things about just under the surface.
Interestingly, there were frequently Heaviside's dolphins nearby - they didn't exhibit anything that was obvious feeding behaviour, and the two species just seemed to ignore each other.

The dolphins were amazingly close to the shore - I kept expecting them to strand themselves on the beach chasing the fish, but they never did. Apparently this is quite common behaviour for them around here in the areas were there is little wave action.

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