Tuesday 3 June 2008

Managed to get our own boat out to sea at last. Namib Diving and Marine Services (NDMS) have been really supportive of the project and have been trying to find boats that are both suitable and fuel efficient. We took their aluminium demo boat for a run on Sunday to see if it was right for us (it has rear tiller-arm steering, I'd normally prefer a boat with a centre console that you can drive standing up to make searching and dealing with surf conditions easier). However it turned out to be a great stable design that is easy to stand in for both searching and photography and quite fuel efficient too.

Ran up the coast away and then out to the point where we encountered some Heaviside's dolphins and a group of bottlenose.
Unfortunately, the bottlenose were bow riding a tour boat away from us and I didn't want to chase them. Working around the tour boats is going to be a real challenge for us in the coming months.

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go captain elwen!!