Wednesday 27 March 2013

A recent spate of strandings in Walvis Bay

In addition to the pygmy right whale stranding detailed in the blog post below, we have had several others recently. A quick thanks to all involved in reporting and assisting at the various events including the Walvis Bay Salt Works for access to the pump station and reporting strandings,  Naude Dreyer of Sandwich Harbour tours for coordinating and always being available to assist, Neels Dreyer and John Paterson for their role in coordinating communication within the Walvis Bay Strandings Network (WBSN), Levo Tours for reporting the 2nd pygmy right whale in the harbour, Jeanne Meintjies of Eco-Marine Kayak Tours and Jaco Louw who helped with the attempted rescue of the pygmy sperm whale.

A few pics of use working up the various animals below. Collecting standard measurements, skin samples and where possible the skulls for the museum collection.