Tuesday 2 March 2010

Time for an update - we've a few really nice days recently. Loads of sunshine, flat calm and lots of dolphins. Managed to see a leather back turtle, 2 sunfish (Mola) and multiple Heaviside's dolphins groups the other day during a 10 minute period.

Had a resighting today of another Heaviside's form the 2008 catalogue which is great. We also saw the wounded dolphin again (see entry below for details), he came to bowride brielfy and the wound looked a little more healed (paler, less raw) but i only managed to get a shot of it under water.

Had a great day with two groups of bottlenose today (both of 3 animals) and loads of friendly Heaviside's. we were pretty much with dolphins solidly between 8:00 and 12:30 today. One of the bottlenose dolphins caught a massive fish, i think it was a springer (type of large mullet) and swam around with it for ages.

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